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Fall Cruise Deep Creek Lake September 12-13

The spring and fall cruises are always some of the most enjoyable times we have together as a car club. There’s no deadlines to meet, no stress about if this is getting done or that is getting done, just a good time







driving our classics and having fun. This year’s fall cruise was a little “under the weather” so to speak. We ran in and out of rain the entire trip out to Oakland, MD on Saturday morning but were able to stroll around downtown while remaining fairly dry.

Lunch at the Cornish Café was very good. The place is small but cozy and the food was delicious. We then visited a couple museums including the Garrett County Transportation Museum which housed all sorts of interesting vehicles from bicycles and motorcycles to antique cars and trucks as well as snowmobiles and boats. Then of course it was off to the local ice cream shop for some delicious treats.

The hotel we stayed at in McHenry was definitely in need of some tender loving care. There were some problems with cleanliness in at least one room and the room Bev and I had didn’t have a bathroom door. Very interesting to say the least.


Dinner that night at Ace’s Restaurant and Pub was great even though we had to wait 45 minutes for a table. On Sunday under cloudy skies and light drizzle from time to time we did a little shopping at some local souvenir stores and The Popcorn Factory. After that we ended up at the Wisp Ski Resort where some of us brave souls rode the Mountain Slide. If you ever get the chance to ride this I highly recommend it. It was a great thrill.

After a late lunch at Archie’s Bar-B-Que which is also highly recommended we decided to head for home. I think everyone had a great time and as always Bev and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves spending time with great friends and having fun. Sincerely, Frank Baker


President:  Frank Baker
410-840-8089 fobaker@comcast.net

Vice President:
Ed Zimmerman
301-865-5270 ezclassics@comcast.net

Treasurer:  Butch Riley

Secretary: Marsha Zimmerman
301-865-5270 mzclassics@comcast.net

Sergeant at Arms
Paul Schneider

Spider Woman
Sissy Riley
(she tends our web!) http://www.hmccc.50g.com/

Club Email Address: 567hmccc@comcast.net

Newsletter Editor
Carroll Anderson
7018 Willow Tree Drive
Middletown, MD 21769

email: c.g.anderson@comcast.net
or phone: 301-371-7087

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MEMBER SUBMITTALS for publication in the newsletter are encouraged. If you have a tech tip, commentary, cartoon, item or article of interest or anything you wish to share with fellow members, please send to the above address.

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Classic Chevy International

Ed Zimmerman
New Market, MD

April Grammont
Westminster MD
(410) 876-8898

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